Supply Chain Analysis and Assessment

Every hospital has touch points throughout its supply chain systems that are broken and, in many cases, non-existent. Our team of experts study your system, identify bottleneck issues, help-built processes that are aligned to the demands of a modern hospital. Our “Supplier Relationship Management System” generates many actionable and time sensitive reports, triggering action by certain individuals with repeated reminders.

Process Optimization

Hospitals are notorious for bottlenecks, there are some factors that are in human control, but many are reliant on decades old systems – patient discharge is one of those areas. Our ML/AI system starts tracking a patient from the time of admission to the time of discharge, keeps all stakeholders in the loop, ensuring timely decisions are made and patient is discharged in a timely manner.

Demand Forecasting

Many hospitals have chronic staff storage, resulting in long hours for existing staff and slower than average service delivery. Patients waiting in the ER sometimes have to be sent home without any medical attention. Our ML/AI solution connects hospitals to other Urgent Care facilities, so if demand increases traffic is automatically routed to the nearest Urgent Care for treatment.