SpecHR is a complete HR solution for your company that automates the administrative human resource management processes – providing employees self-service capabilities and for management to efficiently manage the selecting and hiring (onboarding) process, training and development, performance appraisal, compensation and benefits administration, and compliance etc.
Providing your human resource team with easy access to the information they need in a timely manner helps moves the process much faster where decisions are made with a click of a button. All employee record are available on one platform, chances of errors are reduced and policies are consistently enforced. SpecHR helps improve HR productivity, engaging employees proactively, controlling costs, and reducing compliance risk – all done with automation that will help reduce tedious tasks and lets employees focus on what they do best.


Once onboarding has been completed, asset given to the new employees – an employee assimilation process starts. During this process, new hire would spend time with the hiring manager, his team and collogues in other departments. Each step of the way, a brief quiz is given – to ensure that new hire understands the role requirements and can performance his/her job with a clear mind. If any questions are raised during this process – the hiring manager has to engage the team and help the new hire understand the details again. The process gets completed once the hiring manager signs off on it. Taking your businesses transformation journey with new data and technology capabilities and developing the talent pool and supportive culture leading to a truly digital organization Systems and Technology:


Hiring and retaining the right talent is always hard. The success of your business is directly tied to its leadership today — and developing your leaders of tomorrow. Beyond performance management and compensation, a clear succession planning strategy helps ensure that all key employees understand their career paths and the roles they are being developed to fill. In order to achieve success, each employee’s strengths and weaknesses are addressed via our tool where best trainings that would further the career of a particular employee are suggested and yearly training plan is provided to the managers so that those trainings can be arranged.


Performance Appraisal is one of the most important tool that every manager should have. Employee’s short comings are highlighted and training and development plan are suggested to help employee’s improve their performance and play the role for which they have been hired. Managers are provided this tools so that continuous feedback on employee activities are available, duties are connected to goals and key performance indicators, and to promote ongoing performance development, so that an employee can stay on top of learning and development to advance skills.
SpecHR offers the tools your teams need to conduct evaluations, nurture and develop employees, stay up-to-date on skills and training, and reward them for their efforts — all to create a more engaged, motivated, and productive workforce.


SpecHR’s automated payroll solutions simplify your payroll processes, empower employees with self-service features, and improve paycheck accuracy. Bring payroll in-house while outsourcing payroll service tasks such as payroll tax filing and benefits administration helps reduce the burden on your human resources, if you choose. Reduce processing time with paperless payroll, help ensure payroll compliance to minimize risk, and saves time in case of an audit.


SpecHR simplifies the tedious tasks involved with monitoring employee time and attendance, labor tracking, and data collection. Our automated time-tracking software, works in tandem with our time clocks, an interactive voice response system or through mobile device. Our system also helps you control labor costs and minimize compliance risk, while improving workforce productivity and engagement.
SpecHR absence management solutions keep the cost of absence low and employee productivity high. Our automated solutions streamline complex labor laws, helping you stay compliant while reducing time-consuming administrative tasks. Manage sick time, vacation time, disability, and more with full visibility, all in one place.
SpecHR automated company separation system also kicks in when an employee decides to leave the company voluntarily or when the services have been terminated. All legal contractual obligations are fulfilled and if someone is found to be in a contract breach appropriate actions are initiated. Legal team is informed and if need be lawsuit are filed by approval of the board.