Financial Consulting

Our Approach

We take your business success very seriously, every step in our engagement with your business is focused on one thing – make you the leader in your vertical. We follow as simple yet potent approach to solving your business challenges.
We have a four-prong strategy, each step takes you closer to your stated goals.

  • Digital Strategy

    I. Research 360
    II. Inside our Diagnostic

    Our very first step is to look at innovated changes occurring in your industry, impact of which could be felt in five, ten or maybe in fifteen years. We will help you achieve real gains today as you build toward your ideal future state.

    Innovative technologies may serve as the engine of a digital transformation, but they aren’t the entire story. Real transformation must begin with a clearly defined digital strategy, one that can produce gains today and delineate a fast yet flexible path to the digital future. Our unique approach includes:

    Research 360, we utilize data from different sources and triangulate back to the starting point. The day your journey of transformation begins, we consider that as day “0”, we move the clock forward to five, ten and fifteen years and from that point on, we walk backwards towards day “0”, any changes that can potentially impact your business is cataloged, labeled, and used in predictive data models.

    Inside out Diagnostic, a highly effective tool for gauging your current level of digital maturity, so you understand where you’re strong, where you have gaps, and where you’re at par.
  • Business Model

    I. Customer and Channel Engagement
    II. Operations

    Our business models use multiple attributes to identify the digital innovation to satisfy your customers raw need in new ways, and to drive out costs and boost efficiency by optimization as a tool.

    We build the strategy around detailed understanding of your customers’ raw need, which will inspire new and digitally driven ways to satisfy it. Taking a strategy to market requires a business model that is nimble, adoptable, and stable enough to take advantage of digital innovations, that can protect against competitive digital disruptions.

    We help address every facet of our business models, following are the must haves:

    Customer and Channel Engagement:
    Digital experience, delivers a superior customer experience while reducing both complexity and costs while keeping customers digitally engaged to your product and services

    Marketing Optimization improves marketing ROI by 20%-35%, by balancing analytics and testing with new operational and organizational capabilities

    Connected Procurement can be optimized to reduce your purchasing cost base by an average of 5%–9% and deliver additional annual savings of 1%–5%

    Supply Chain Enablers an analytics-driven, cloud-based tool that integrates fifteen core capabilities to turn your supply chain into a competitive war machine
  • Enablers

    Taking your businesses transformation journey with new data and technology capabilities and developing the talent pool and supportive culture leading to a truly digital organization Systems and Technology:

    With over 20 years of broad expertise across every facet of enterprise technology, we want to ensure that your digital transformation is supported by state-of-the-art capabilities, deployed efficiently, and integrated effectively into your existing systems. Our expertise includes:

    Technology and Data Strategy ensures that your teams and systems are aligned and fully able to support your digital transformation.

    Technology Operating Model enables high-velocity change, consistent governance, and a comprehensive talent strategy that ensures your IT organization is set up for success

    Technology Cost Management helps you advance your digital strategy while bending the cost curve to achieve maximum efficiency

    Our cybersecurity team ensures that you fend off almost all attacks and recover quickly from any that might succeed

    Talent and Culture:
    Leadership and Talent are essential components for turning your strategy into action, particularly in this digital era, when the skills required to execute change so rapidly. We help you train, retain, and engage with your employees. All future hires go through a layer of interviews conducted jointly by our teams so that we cross reference and make sure best talent is acquired to man the battle stations
  • Delivery

    We ensure effective orchestration of many components of a sustained transformation, moving quickly from pilots to fully scaled deployment within 15-18 weeks

    Our comprehensive approach to digital transformation culminates with a full suite of capabilities and expertise that ensures you implement, monitor, and extend your progress to achieve your full ambition.